The Road to Alpha

Dust Fleet’s whole gameplay loop is effectively in place now, and as I’ve been living with it for a few weeks I’ve started to think about where the gaps are, and what’s needed to take the game from “playable” to “compelling”. And that got me thinking about the basics of gameplay. Sometimes after a long…

State of Play: The Dust Fleet Demo

The demo isn’t coming just yet. You might already know that Dust Fleet is a solo project. It started as me trying out the Unity game engine for fun. Before that, I have a half-dozen prototypes written in Blitz3D, and many others trapped on 3.5″ disks from the 90s. More still are lost to time,…

A new home for Orbiting Disco

With Dust Fleet moving into a new phase of development (more on that in the next blog post!) I needed a better place for announcements and updates. So here it is! I’m going to be posting here frequently to keep you updated about what’s happening with Dust Fleet’s development on it’s journey to release. There’s…

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