Dust Fleet



Orbiting Disco
Nottingham, UK
Release date:
Steam: 2020


Build and command a fleet of starships in an exciting blend of realtime and turn-based strategy.

Customise your ships with weapons, modules and fighters, and send them into battle against a relentless enemy.

Featuring full campaign, starmap and mission editors, as well as support for mod.io, you can create and share your own missions easily with other players.

Enter the Dust Zone

Starting with a small fleet, you unlock new weapons, hulls, modules and support systems while playing through a tense series of missions with a storyline that unfolds during each one. Provide local assistance through side missions to earn bonus resources or ships.

During your campaign, you'll learn to make use of the strategic possibilities of the starmap. Stations you build in one system can assist you during battles in neighbouring systems via deliveries of new ships, bomber strikes, resource generation and marine squads. These can all be activated during real-time battles using a quick-access UI for each nearby station, giving you full control over all your abilities and resources.

Glenn Burgess, the indie developer behind Dust Fleet, set out to capture the drama and spectacle of space combat from TV shows such as Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica and Deep Space Nine. The feel of boiling hot plasma slamming directly into hulls, ships on fire, the swoop of fast-moving fighters and the lumbering motion of deadly warships are all there in Dust Fleet, coupled with a tense storyline and strategic gameplay.


  • Full 3D realtime strategy
  • Strategic turn-based gameplay and fleet management
  • Epic space battles
  • Downloadable player-created campaigns
  • Full mission editor


2020 Trailer


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